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We’ll start with a trademark search

We’ll complete and file your application

And we’ll handle the entire review process


The Trademark Process

Trademark Search

We’ll make sure your brand is available

We’ll tell you how likely it is to be approved

We’ll create a strategy for your application

Trademark Review

We’ll coordinate with the Trademark Office

We’ll make amendments + arguments

We’ll respond to any Office Actions

Trademark Application

We’ll create product + service descriptions

We’ll find the right trademark specimen

We’ll file your personalized application

Trademark Publication

We’ll handle the publication period

We’ll negotiate with trademark owners

We’ll keep you updated on approval


Price: $1530


✔ Trademark Search

✔ Trademark Application

✔ Trademark Review

✔ Trademark Publication

✔ Trademark Fees

Our mission is to help women entrepreneurs build their business and we know that's hard when your cash flow is tied up. So we developed a no-interest, no-fees payment plan. Payments start at $300 per month.

Nicole Swartz

Real Talk

You need to protect your brand


A funny thing happened when I graduated law school: I started a skincare brand.

What started as a weekend hustle turned into a full-time international company. In two years, we were featured in the Golden Globes Giftbags, Extra TV, and in stores around the world.

And then I received a cease + desist email. Another company trademarked my brand and I wasn’t able to use it anymore. I had 30 days to change my branding.

This was my nightmare. I had to change my website, domain, email, social media, business cards, press links, photos, packaging, and a hundred more items.

I lost time, money, followers, and customers.

I never want to go through that again. So when I sold my skincare line and started a law firm for women, the very first thing I did was trademark it!

And now I help women protect their brands with trademarks, too.


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