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What is a Trademark?


A trademark is the exclusive right to use your brand...aka your company name + logo.

If you own your trademark, then you are the only one who can use your brand (Yay!) But, if a competitor registers your trademark first, they'll own the exclusive right to use your brand nationally. You'll only be able to operate locally or you'll face a lawsuit (Bye, national sales!)

So you need to trademark your brand asap.

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A Trademark is Perfect for You if...

• You're investing time + money into growing your brand

• You want to avoid copycats + expensive rebrands

• You're serious about growing your company


Why You Need a Trademark


Starbucks invests millions into their brand. A trademark prevents other companies from copying it. Can you imagine if every coffeeshop was allowed to call themselves Starbucks? The actual Starbucks would spend so much money on their marketing but still lose so many sales to competitors because their customers wouldn't be able to tell the difference anymore.

You're investing time + money into your brand. Without a trademark, your competitors can copy your brand, confuse your customers, and profit from your hard work.

A trademark protects you by ensuring that you are the only one who can use your brand.

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What Women Are Saying


"Nicole was extremely helpful in clarifying what I should trademark. I would highly recommend consulting with her if you have any questions on the legal side of your brand."




How to Trademark Your Brand


Complimentary Consultation

Let's chat about your brand and the trademark process to see whether you're a good fit for a Trademark. When our call is over, you'll receive an online proposal that you can review + accept. When you're ready to get started, you'll receive a short brand questionnaire with the information we need to start the trademark process.


Trademark Search

We start with a trademark search to ensure your name is available and likely to be approved. It's important to get this step right because the Trademark Office will deny your application if your name cannot be protected or if it's too similar to an existing brand.


Trademark Application

The trademark application is notoriously difficult. We don't advise clients to go it alone because we rarely see successful DIY applications. The trademark office can deny your application for 100 different reasons, like using commas instead of semicolons...seriously! We can create and file your application so it's more likely to be approved.


USPTO Review

In 3 months, your application is reviewed by the Trademark Office to ensure it meets the legal requirements.


USPTO Office Action

The majority of applications (84%) receive an Office Action that requires them to communicate with the Trademark Examiners. You'll need to prove that your application meets the legal requirements for a trademark. We include responding to Office Actions in our rates.


Trademark Publication

If your application meets the legal requirements, it will be published online for 30 days.


Trademark Approval

If there are no conflicts, your trademark will be approved!

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Brands We Protect

Sprout Law Firm Nicole Swartz Trademark Attorney Start a Business Company Startup Female Entrepreneur Founder Influencer

Elma Lingerie

Sprout Law Firm Nicole Swartz Trademark Attorney Start a Business Company Startup Female Entrepreneur Founder Influencer

Femscape Sojourns

 Bene Handbags

Bene Handbags

 Palm Orleans Wallpaper

Palm Orleans Wallpaper

 Amrit + Evan Floral

Amrit + Evan Floral


How Much Do Trademarks Cost?


A trademark is an investment in your brand. It's costly, but not as expensive as a rebrand, which is typically your best option if a competitor files your trademark before you do.


Payment Plans

Our mission is to help women entrepreneurs grow their companies and we know that's hard when your cash flow is tied up. So we developed a no-interest payment plan. This way your brand is protected + you have the cash flow to grow! Payments start at $200 per month.


Trademark Investment

Trademark Search - $200

We run a search of existing trademarks to ensure your brand is available and your application is likely to be approved.

Trademark Application - $800

We develop an application strategy to increase your likelihood of approval, create and file your application, and respond to any Office Actions.

Trademark Office Application Fee - $230

The Trademark Office charges a fee to process each application.

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Grab our *FREE* Guide, How to Trademark Your Brand, to learn more about Trademarks

You'll find tips + tricks to create a strong brand, run a trademark search, file your application, and protect your brand from copycats.

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