We help your company reach its full growth potential


Start Your Company

It's time to start your dream company! We help you choose the right entity + file the paperwork to start your company today.

Create Your Contracts

As you grow, you'll need key contracts in place. We help you stay profitable + protected by tailoring your contracts to your company.

Launch Your Location

Are you dreaming of a brick + mortar location? We help you lock down the perfect spot and set up your company for opening day.


Trademark Your Brand

You’re creating a gorgeous brand. We help you own it. A trademark protects you from competitors and keeps your brand strong.

License Your Products

Licensing deals take your brand to the next level. We help you attract large licensing offers and negotiate the best possible deal for your products.

Copyright Your Design

A great design attracts customers + copycats. We help you own the designs so customers keep shopping and copycats stay far away.


Develop Your Tech

Is your technology protected? We help you maintain the ownership + intellectual property rights to your key technology.

Hire Your Employees

We get it. It's hard to be the boss. We help you get started with the employment contracts you need + the employer laws you need to know.

Fund Your Startup

Let's get you funded! We work with female founders in all stages of funding to help you attract the right investors + nail your pitch + negotiate favorable terms to fund your company.