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What is a Copyright?


A copyright is ownership of your artwork, photos, website, course, music, or videos.

Once your business starts doing well, you’ll see companies with similar work. They’ll try to confuse customers and steal your sales. Without a copyright, there’s no way to stop them.

That’s why you need to copyright your work.


The Copyright Process

Copyright Review

We start with a copyright search to ensure your application has a good chance of success.

Copyright Application

We can create and file your copyright application so it's more likely to be approved.

Copyright Office

Your application is reviewed by the Copyright Office to ensure it meets the legal requirements.

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A Copyright is Right for You if...

• You're creating original work

• You want to stop copycats from stealing it

• You're serious about your business




How does the process start?

We start with a complimentary phone consultation to walk through the process. When our call is over, you'll receive an online proposal that you can review + accept. Then, you'll receive a short questionnaire to start the copyright process.

How does the process work?

We review your work to make sure it can be protected.

Then, we create and file your application.

In a few months, it is reviewed by the Copyright Office and we'll work with them to move your application toward approval.

Overall, it usually takes about 4-5 months.

How long is the process?

It takes a few days to file the copyright application.

It takes a few months to be reviewed by the Copyright Office.

Once we file your application, you can stop copycats.

You can protect your artwork, photos, videos, website, e-book, and online courses.

We recommend protecting your most popular work.

How is it different than a trademark?

A copyright protects your products, like your artwork and courses.

A trademark protects your brand, like your name and logo.

The Copyright Package

We handle everything in the copyright process:

Application Filing fees Review period

The Copyright Package is $300.