Why you need a Website Terms + Conditions

Why you need a Website Terms + Conditions

Does your website have the right ecommerce policies in place?

Thinking it doesn't matter? Think again! Your online policies have a big impact on customer happiness and your bottom line. Plus, they'll need to meet certain legal requirements to prevent fines and lawsuits. Here's the breakdown:

#1. Terms + Conditions

You need these if: you have a website...definitely an ecommerce site.

What they need to include: This policy tells customers what they need to know about browsing your website. You'll want to spell out the rules for using the site, sharing content, and where users can contact your company. If you run an ecommerce site, make sure to spell out how you handle orders, returns, and shipping.

How to feature your policies on your site: Fun fact…those FAQ pages may be helpful but they’re not binding on customers. You need to create a feature that requires customers to agree to your Terms of Use before placing an order.

#2. Privacy Policy

You need these if: you have a website!

What they need to include: This policy tells users how you'll store their information: whether you'll  sell it, collect their cookies, track their location, and how they can opt out of data collection. Many states, like California, have specific requirements that need to be included in an online privacy policy. Many countries have stricter privacy laws, so if your site is aimed at European audiences, you definitely want to lock that down.

Pro Tip: You might not track certain user information, but your website provider may. Make sure to know their policies and include them in your own privacy policies.

How to feature your policies on your site: Create a separate webpage for your privacy policy and make it accessible from your homepage. If you’re in California, you need a separate privacy policy that outlines California privacy rights.

#3. COPPA Policies: Aka Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

You need these if: your website is geared toward children under 13

What to do if these apply to you: Call in an attorney! These laws are not messing around and cover everything from privacy policies to parental consent to location tracking. The penalties for noncompliance are severe: $16,000 per child per use.
Where to find a good website policy?
I always advise against website policy templates. Your policies are a legal contract and you’ll be bound by what it says. That can be a problem if the contract isn’t made for your business or you’re not sure what’s in there. That is too risky and it's unnecessary! We offer a simple e-commerce policy that hooks up your website with exactly what it needs. If you want to talk more about website policies, let’s chat!



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