When is the Right Time for a Trademark?

When is the Right Time for a Trademark?

Trademarks are important.

But when is the right time to trademark your brand?

Here's what you want to consider...

Are you building a brand?

Is your branding important to your business?

Do you want your customers to know and associate your name, logo, tagline, or hashtag with your business?

If yes, then you want to trademark it asap.

Without a trademark, your competitors can copy your brand, confuse your customers, and profit from your hard work.

A trademark protects you by ensuring that you are the only one who can use your brand.

Are you sticking with it for the next few years?

A trademark is an investment in your business.

It's probably not worth trademarking a brand when you're not 100% invested in it.

If you're committed to your business, it's an investment worth making.

Nicole SwartzTrademark