When is the Right Time for a Copyright?

When is the Right Time for a Copyright?

You need to copyright your work.

A copyright means you are the owner of your artwork, designs, photos, videos, ebooks, and online courses.

It means people can’t steal them, copy them, or share them.

It’s so important to copyright your work. Once your company starts doing well, you’ll see other companies popping up with similar work. They’ll confuse customers and steal sales. Without a copyright, there’s no way to stop them.

That’s why a copyright is so important.

Here's how to know when it’s the right time…

1. You Have Best Sellers

It doesn't make sense to protect every single thing you create. It’s not a good use of your time and money.

You do want to protect your best sellers.

The ones that are sold and copied the most.

These have the biggest impact on your bottom line. That means when people copy these items, it costs you the most sales.

2. You Have an Online Course

Protecting an online course is a must!

You don't want your slides, videos, and downloads shared.

You don’t want someone to copy the course and sell it as their own.

A copyright makes sure that no one can share or copy your course.

3. You Have Beautiful Product Packaging

When you have invested in product packaging,

Packaging is a big investment.

You may have to pay a graphic designer to create it.

You may have to order large amounts of inventory.

That means it costs your business a lot when someone copies it.

Without a copyright, you’d have to redesign and reorder packaging to stand out.

With a copyright, you can keep your packaging the same and force them to redesign.

4. You Have an Online Following

If you have an online following, you’ll want to protect your work asap.

Your audience might be instagram followers, blog readers, or podcast listeners.

The more eyeballs on your work, the more risk that someone steals it.

It only takes one follower to copy your work and cost you a lot of sales.

Own your work before you share it with your followers.

5. Copycats are Popping Up

When you start seeing copycats, that’s your last chance to copyright it.

You need to act fast because you only have 30 days from then to file the copyright. Otherwise, you’ll lose the rights.



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