Trademark Advice from Women Business Owners

Trademark Advice from Women Business Owners

I recently sent an email to clients with a simple question...

What would you tell women business-owners about choosing a trademark attorney.

Here's their advice:

1. Find someone who specializes in trademark law

You won't believe how many attorneys try to file a trademark application for their own law firm...and fail.

Trademark law is notoriously difficult. And not every attorney can do it.

Find one who specializes in trademark law.

Ask for a list of brands they've trademarked. Ask if they've trademarked their own brand.

One client said she loved that we own two trademarks for our law firm because it showed that we're not all talk. We know how important it is to trademark a brand and we know how to file a successful trademark application.

Bottom line: if they haven't trademarked their own brand, don't trust them with yours.

2. They should tell you the likelihood of approval

There are some words that can't be trademarked and some applications that won't be approved.

You need an attorney who tells you that right away so you don't waste your time and money.

We always tell you the likelihood that your application will be approved. And we let you decide whether you want to move forward. It's one of the things that our clients really appreciated.

But many low-cost legal websites are notorious for not doing this. They'll file any application you want. And they won't mention that it has no chance of approval. As long as you're paying them.

3. Watch out for low prices...they'll hit you with crazy fees later

This was the most common answer among all my clients.

When you see a shockingly low price (like $400), that's a red flag.

It means they're only creating and filing your trademark application. But that's the very beginning of the trademark process.

Remember there's an 84% chance that your trademark application is denied in the first review. That means you'll need to convince the trademark office that the law allows your application or amend it in a way that will be approved. You may also need to negotiate with trademark owners.

And these law firms charge hourly for these services.

This is an easy way to trick new clients. You think you're getting a great deal but you end up paying a lot more later.

One thing that our clients really appreciated is that our trademark services include everything you need. We don't do hourly fees. There's no surprises.

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