Thinking About a DIY Trademark? Read This Stat.

Thinking About a DIY Trademark? Read This Stat.

There are a few big reasons why you want an attorney to handle your trademark...

Reason #1: We rarely see successful DIY applications

We've seen a handful of applications that were approved without an attorney. But not many.

Most of them are denied for reason #2...

Reason #2: The trademark process is notoriously difficult

The trademark office can deny your application for a hundred reasons, like using commas instead of semicolons...seriously!

And 84% of trademark applications are denied in their first review.

You have to prove your trademark application meets the legal requirements for a trademark.

The best person to do this is an attorney who has a firm knowledge of trademark law.

Reason #3: An attorney can save you time + money

You're running a company. You don't have time to learn trademark law.

It's a better use of your time + money to work with an attorney who already knows how to file successful applications.

You’re more likely to be approved that way.

Nicole SwartzTrademark