Read This Before You DIY a Trademark

Read This Before You DIY a Trademark

A trademark is so important.

It means you’re the only one who can use your company name, logo, or tagline.

Only one company can own a brand. Typically, it’s whoever trademarks it first.

If someone else trademarks your brand first, they’ll own the rights to the name. You'll likely need to rebrand or file an expensive lawsuit.

So it’s important that your trademark application is correct and first.

Here’s the one thing you need to know before you DIY it…

84% of Applications are Denied At First

The trademark process is notoriously difficult.

After you file the application, the trademark office will review it.

And most applications are denied. You can be denied for a hundred reasons, like using commas instead of semicolons.

We worked with a client who clicked one wrong button on the application and that’s why they were denied. We were able to refile and it was approved. But it cost them a lot more time and money.

When an application is denied, you’ll work with attorneys at the trademark office.

Sometimes, it’s a simple fix. As long as you know what you’re doing.

Other times, you’ll need to submit a legal argument with research and citations.

You’re Running a Business, Not Learning Law

It would take you too long to learn everything you need to know to be approved. There are a lot of attorneys who can’t even do it.

It's a better use of your time + money to work with a trademark attorney who knows how to file successful applications.

You’re more likely to be approved that way.

And you’ll focus your skills where they’re most needed: running your business.



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