The Golden Rule: How to Find an Influencer Rate

The Golden Rule: How to Find an Influencer Rate

We work with brands + influencers to find the right promotion.

Brands worry that the influencer is charging too much for their following.

Influencers worry that the brand is paying less than the following is worth.

Here’s how to tell what a promotion is worth…


1. The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is that each follower is worth one penny.

If an influencer has 10,000 followers, they’d charge $100 per post.

If an influencer has 100,000 followers, they’d charge $1,000 per post.

2. Engagement Rates

Influencers also need to include engagement rates.

Engagement rates are how many people like and comment on a post.

These are the average rates:

1k followers = 8% engagement

5k followers = 5.7% engagement

10k followers = 4% engagement

100k followers = 2.4% engagement

100k+ followers = 1.7% engagement

If an influencer is above the engagement rate, they can charge 10-20% more.

If an influencer is below average, they’ll need to charge about 10-20% less.

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3. The Details

The rate will depend on the type of post.

Here’s what is standard…

Instagram Post: Follow the Golden Rule

Instagram Video: 2x the Golden Rule

Instagram Giveaway: 1.5x the Golden Rule

Instagram Story: ⅓ the Golden Rule

Instagram Story Takeover: 1.5x the Golden Rule

Blog Post: 2x the Golden Rule

Influencers may also create monthly partnership plans that include a variety of these post options. For example, a 3-6 month promotion at a discounted rate.

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Influencer Agreement Template

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