The Golden Rule: How to Find an Influencer Rate

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We work with a lot of influencers and brands to create their agreements and the question we get asked the most is: what’s a good rate? 

So we started using the Golden Rule to determine the influencer rates for our clients. Here it is:


1. The Golden Rule

The typical starting point is one cent for every follower.

So if you have 10,000 followers, you’d charge $100 per post. For 100,000 followers, you’d charge $1,000 per post.


2. Factor in Engagement

Brands are relying on engagement rates more than follower counts lately. You need your engagement rates to be at or above the average for your number of followers. If you’re above the average, you can charge 10-20% more than the Golden Rule. If you’re below average, work to increase your rate or you’ll have to charge about 10-20% less than the Golden Rule.

Wondering what’s average? Here’s a quick breakdown:

1k followers = 8%

5k followers = 5.7%

10k followers = 4%

100k followers = 2.4&

100k+ followers = 1.7%


3. Add in the Partnership Details

The rate you charge will depend on the type of partnership you create with the brand. Here’s what we recommend:

Instagram Post: Follow the Golden Rule

Instagram Video: 2x the Golden Rule

Instagram Giveaway: 1.5x the Golden Rule

Instagram Story: ⅓ the Golden Rule

Instagram Story Takeover: 1.5x the Golden Rule

Blog Post: 2x the Golden Rule

Pro tip: Consider clustering your partnership options into monthly plans. You could offer 5 instagram stories per month at a discounted rate. Also consider a 3-6 month minimum with packages so that brands can get the full benefit of the promotion.

 Use an Influencer Agreement Template

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