The Biggest Perks of a Trademark

The Biggest Perks of a Trademark

When your trademark is approved, you get some big perks...

1. You can stop others from using similar branding

You can stop copycats who are using similar branding on similar products. This orders them to stop using your trademark asap or theyʼll have to pay damages.

If you see a similar brand, you may want to send a Trademark Cease + Desist.

2. You can't be forced to rebrand

You can rest easy knowing that you own the exclusive right to your brand.

That means you won't receive a cease + desist letter from someone else who filed the trademark for your brand first.

You won't have to stop using it or rebrand.

3. You can add the R symbol

When you file your trademark application, you can add the TM symbol to your branding.

When your application is approved, you can add the R symbol to the upper right corner of your mark.

That lets the world know that your brand is protected.

4. You get a fancy certificate

Hang that gold stamped trademark certificate on your office wall asap!

Nicole SwartzTrademark