The 5 Best Influencer Pitches

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 Suggesting a thoughtful partnership opportunity makes it so much easier for people to say yes to your idea, as opposed to thinking up ideas themselves.

Here are 5 partnership ideas you can pitch!


1.  An event

You could host or participate in an event, workshop, or panel with the influencer.

Find a greater mission that your audience wants to learn about and brainstorm how they can help teach them that skill.

So a makeup brand could host a panel of influencers on the importance of diversity in shades or how to achieve a glossy no-makeup look.


2.  An instagram stories takeover

You can take over each others social media to infuse it with a fresh face or give your audience an inside sneak peek.

Instagram stories takeovers are usually focused on “day in the life” style content but you can mix it up and show anything that you think the audience will engage with.


3.  Personalize a product

Is there any way that you can collaborate on a product or service?

What’s something that your audience knows you for that you can bring to the product?

If you’re known for bright, poppy colors, you can work with the brand to create a special edition in bright teal. Or if peonies are your thing, you can collab with a skincare company on a line of peony scented body oil.

Collaborations like these can be as large as designing an entire product line or as simple as customizing a color, scent, or flavor.


4.  Create interesting content

We’re talking about more than a flatlay that includes a promoted product or a picture of you smiling holding it.

Try creating an entertaining video about how to use (or not use) the product, a series of guides that complement the product (like a city travel guide to promote an airline), or a hashtag that accompanies your content.

The key here: make it interesting!


5.  Incorporate charity

So many of the top campaigns have involved influencers + brands partnering up for charity.

Consumers care more about social issues now more than ever. In fact, a recent study showed that 80% of consumers would switch brands if another brand had a charitable component.

Have a cause you’re particularly passionate about? Try to find a brand that has similar goals + pitch them on a social sharing/fundraising campaign.

Use an Influencer Contract Template

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