Let's Talk About GDPR

Let's Talk About GDPR

 We've been getting this question a lot lately…

what the heck is GDPR?

Here’s what you need to know:


GDPR is a European regulation

It requires companies to protect user data in certain ways and imposes strict penalties on companies who don’t comply.

It only applies to companies who are doing business with European customers or who are advertising to European audiences.

If you have a European following, it's best to check into it.


It protects user data

You're required to tell website users exactly what you're doing with their information. Like their user name, address, photos, and even their IP address.

There’s a few places you’re likely collecting user data:

  1. Your website + mobile app

There are many data collection activities that your website will need to explicitly state: like tracking cookies, telling users where they can opt-out of data collection, knowing exactly what data you’re collecting, etc.

The best way to stay on top of it (and avoid the hefty fines) is to have a website privacy policy in place.


2. Your newsletter

You’ll need to:

  • add a double-opt-in

  • add contact information for the owner

  • add that recipients can unsubscribe or update their data anytime

  • send newsletters only to users who have specifically agreed to opt-in

  • Collect data only for customers who specifically agreed via a separate opt-in


The best thing to do

  1. See if it applies to you. If you’re not attracting a European audience, you don’t need to worry about GDPR.

  2. If it does apply, have a website privacy policy in place that addresses GDPR regulations.

  3. Review your email newsletter to make sure you’re in compliance.

  4. Update your customers. If you update anything in your user data settings, it's advised that you email subscribers to let them know you've updated your policies.

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