How to Find + Pitch Influencers

How to Find + Pitch Influencers


We hear from so many of our clients that they struggle with approaching influencers. So we reached out to one of our favorite clients (who also happens to be a top influencer!) and here's what she suggests:


1. Start with light stalking

Do some good old fashioned internet stalking to find influencers you think would fit your audience. Follow your favorite brands and see which influencers they are using. You can also find influencers through third party apps like RewardStyle or Tribe.


2. Create a spreadsheet of influencers and their contact information

This will make it so much easier to manage who you’ve contacted and who you need to follow up with. You can usually find contact information at the bottom of their website or in their instagram bio. We recommend columns for initial pitch, a two-week followup, and quarterly follow-up.


3. Know the Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is the method to calculate an instagram influencers rate. Take a look at the influencer’s media kit (available on their website or by email) and look at their rates. Are their rates near where the Golden Rule says they should be?

You can learn how to calculate rates in our blog post, The Golden Rule: How to Find Your Influencer Rate


4. Reach out and say hi!

This is where most brands get stuck. It’s scary to cold email an influencer but the worst thing they can tell you is no! Here’s the four-step approach that our influencer clients swear by:

---Start your email with how you found them (you heard them speak at an event or a friend turned you on to their page)

---Tell them exactly why you love their audience. This is important: no generic phrases here! Mention that their eco-friendly mission fits in well with your recyclable products or that their importance on diversity is a great fit for your inclusive line of cosmetics.

---Next, you’ll want to explain how that will translate to their audience loving it as well. Review their will they react to the product and why.

---Lastly, suggest a thoughtful partnership opportunity that would work with their audience + your products. That makes it so much easier for them to say yes to your partnership, as opposed to thinking up ideas themselves.




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