How to Find a Contract Manufacturer

How to Find a Contract Manufacturer

Like finding the right spouse, finding the right contract manufacturer can boil down to the exhausting exercise of throwing your hands up and yelling, “Where did all the good ones go?” 


Thankfully, great manufacturers are still out there and you have a better shot of discovering one you want to work with at industry-focused events. For example, trade shows are a great place to network with manufacturers for the specific goods you want to produce.

To give you a starting point, here are some of our favorite manufacturers:




Suuchi is a woman-owned and woman-run production company (which is absolute music to our ears). If you’re looking to keep production within the States, you can hire Suuchi for sourcing, product development, production, and drop shipping. Suuchi also boasts a vertically integrated supply chain that can replenish stock as fast as within 5 days.

Indie Source

Indie Source provides 100% Made-in-USA, full-service production, which means that this manufacturer will walk you from concept to execution. On top of educating you on development and production, Indie Source also offers digital services including web design, brand marketing, and graphic design.

The Evans Group

Based in California, the Evans Group prides itself on its design and production expertise. Their portfolio of samples is especially well-versed (featuring work on Moncler and Banana Republic), so you may want to consider them for design making as well as cut-and-sew services.



I Shay Cosmetics

I Shay Cosmetics is a woman-run manufacturer that specializes in producing cosmetics for personal care, OTC pharmaceuticals, and professional salon markets. I Shay offers the option of hiring their R&D team to create your own cosmetics or collaborating with them on private labeling for their already-existing beauty formulas.


Fellow woman-run manufacturer Ladyburd houses a state-of-the-art lab and manufacturing equipment for all the cosmetics products you can imagine -- hair care, skincare, color cosmetics, and more. Ladyburd also specializes in private labeling and creating custom formulas, which means that you have a plethora of options to tweak the products to your liking.



The Contract Manufacturing Buyer’s Guide

Since there’s so many great food contract manufacturers out there, you should check out the recommendations on this comprehensive guide! The Buyer’s Guide is a list of 20+ packaged food & beverage manufacturers with a breakdown of production options by product or industry. The guide also feature manufacturers who specialize in non-food or general merchandise like candles, trash bags, and pet care.

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