How to Travel the World like an Influencer

How to Travel the World like an Influencer

Who doesn't want to live the life of an influencer?! 

The jetsetting, the fashion, the food! Sign me up!

We asked some of our favorite influencer clients how to live the lifestyle.

Here's what they recommend:


1.  Get a virtual assistant

They can help with everything from pitching partnerships to researching things to do in each location to booking travel.

It can be especially difficult to coordinate flight + hotel information and a virtual assistant can really help with that.

You tell them your budget + preferences (direct only!) and they'll email you an itinerary. Done!

Pro tip: Upwork is a great resource for a virtual assistant!


2. Reach out to brands

If you’re an influencer, this is second nature.

But even if you don’t consider yourself influential, you can still leverage your social media following to get discounts on clothes, flights, hotels, restaurants, and events during your trip.

Many large brands love working with micro-influencers (people with less followers) because of the high engagement rates and many small brands are investing a lot into influencer marketing right now.

If it’s the right fit, you can make it work!


3. Find a work station

Sometimes you need more than hotel + coffee shop wifi.

There are great international co-working spaces like WeWork that have offices in places like Beijing, Sydney, and New York.

You can pop in for the day to jump on a call and get some work done. Whether you’re editing and uploading photos or skyping into meetings like a boss, they’ve got you covered.

Bonus: free coffee + entrepreneur friends!


4. Pack like a pro

Our influencers all shared that knowing what to pack makes all the difference in traveling + staying sane once you arrive at your destination.

They recommended packaged snacks to avoid overpriced airport + airline food, a favorite beauty oil to keep skin + hair hydrated, probiotics to keep your stomach happy, and a good book that you’ve been meaning to read.

Pro tip: We love the Away suitcases for traveling because they’re super durable and they come with a laundry bag, combination lock, and built-in phone charger. Plus, they come in the cutest colors!


5. Enjoy it!

If you’re traveling like an influencer, you are living your best life!

So make sure to take a day (or at least a few hours) off and actually enjoy the location.

We heard so many stories of influencers who were too busy creating content that they forgot to enjoy their stay in some of the coolest places in the world.

Don’t be afraid to book an extra day with no obligations or break up your day so you have time to wander in the afternoon!

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