How To Start an LLC

How To Start an LLC

So you’re ready for an LLC.

Here’s the process to start one…

Register with the State

It's pretty simple. You'll have to register your new LLC with your state and then fill out annual paperwork and fees.

First of all, double check your state filing fees and minimum taxes to make sure it works for you.

It can be expensive in some states like California or have a tricky process like New York.

You can typically file online at your state corporations’ website.

Look for Additional Filings

Read the LLC website and confirmation paperwork to see if other filings are due in upcoming months.

For example, in California, a Statement of Information is required a few months later.

Check Taxes and DBAs

You may need to register for state taxes as well.

You can typically do this online or when you file your LLC. Look at your confirmation paperwork to learn about the tax process.

You may also need a DBA if you’re doing business under a different name than registered.

Check your Renewal

Read the LLC website and confirmation paperwork to see when you need to renew your company.

You’ll want to keep up with renewals to avoid late fees and cancellation.

Create an LLC Agreement

An Operating Agreement is a great idea when you have more than one owner or considering investors.

It spells out the process for making decisions and how to resolve any issues in the company.

See the LLC Checklist

You’ll learn when you need a DBA.

You’ll learn how to file an LLC step by step.

You’ll learn about business licenses, sales taxes, and s corps.

Plus it's affordable ($19) and it's everything you need to start your business legally.

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