How to Protect Your Website

How to Protect Your Website

A website is a necessity.

But it’s scary to put your website out there into the world.

There are so many ways that it can be copied and stolen.

Here’s how to protect your website…

1. Make Sure You Own It

If you created the work, then you’re the owner.

But if you hired someone to create the work, then they’re likely the owner of the work. This includes a website designer to create the site, a copyrighter to create the content, or a photographer to take the photos.

I know it sounds crazy. You had the idea. You paid for the work.

But they actually retain ownership of the work.

That means you can’t protect it, you can’t stop copycats, and you may even lose the right to use it someday.

You need a Contractor Agreement to transfer the ownership rights to you.

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2. Website Policies

Its a good idea to have a Website Terms + Conditions.

The Terms + Conditions tell users how they are allowed to share your content.

It spells out your rights to the work and tells users that there are consequences for sharing content and photos without your permission.

You’ll need these in place to protect your website content.

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3. Copyright Your Website

This is the strongest level of protection.

A copyright means you own the content and photography on the website.

With a copyright, you’ll be able to send cease + desist letters to demand that people stop using your text or images.

You can also shut down websites and social media accounts that are copying your website content.

You'll file an application with the Copyright Office.

Once you file the application, you can start protecting your work right away. That means you can send cease + desist letters and stop copycats.

It takes about 6 months to be approved. The copyright office will issue a response and you'll need to work with them to meet the legal requirements.

If there are no issues, your copyright will be approved!

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How to Copyright Your Work

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