How to Protect Your Online Course

How to Protect Your Online Course

An online course is a passive income dream.

But it’s scary to put your course out there into the world.

There are so many ways that it can be copied and stolen.

You have to worry about unauthorized users, sharing login information, sharing downloads and materials, sharing screenshots and screen recordings, and competitors selling it as their own product.

Here’s how to protect your online course…

1. Password Protection

Its best to use a login system to keep out people who haven’t paid.

You can set up password protected pages on your website where you host the course or you can use a third party ‘membership’ system to handle it.

This will prevent unauthorized users from viewing your course.

However, this doesn’t prevent users from sharing screenshots, recordings, or downloads with friends. It also doesn’t prevent someone from selling the course as their own work.

2. Course Policies

You need an Online Course Policy that protects you from copying and sharing.

When people buy the course, they agree that they won’t share login information, screenshots, recordings, or downloadable materials. They also agree that they will not resell the course or use it without your permission.

A heads up that FAQ pages aren’t binding on customers. You need a checkout feature that requires customers to agree to your Online Course Policies.

This prevents any unauthorized use.

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3. Copyright Your Course

This is the strongest level of protection.

A copyright means you are the sole owner of the online course.

With a copyright, you’ll be able to send cease + desist letters to demand that people stop sharing or using your course.

You can also shut down websites and social media accounts that are sharing your course without permission.

You'll file an application with the Copyright Office.

Once you file the application, you can start protecting your work right away. That means you can send cease + desist letters and stop copycats.

It takes about 6 months to be approved. The copyright office will issue a response and you'll need to work with them to meet the legal requirements.

If there are no issues, your copyright will be approved!

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