How to Pitch Influencer Partnerships

How to Pitch Influencer Partnerships

You want to partner with brands or influencers.

But it’s scary to approach them about a partnership idea.

Here’s how our clients score big partnerships…


1. Find the Right Fit

Do some old fashioned internet stalking to find partners that fit your audience.

Follow your customers’s favorite influencers to see which brands they work with.

Or find your followers’s favorite brands to see which influencers they work with.

You can also find partners through third party apps like RewardStyle.

2. Forget About Followers

You may think you want to work with a top influencer or top brand.

And that could work. But keep in mind that they’re the most expensive and they’re typically best for awareness campaigns. That’s when you want to let people know about your brand or blog, but you’re not trying to sell them anything yet.

You may also want to try smaller brands or micro-influencers.

They typically have higher engagement rates and convert more sales. That’s because they’re connected to their audience. They’re viewed as more trustworthy to consumers because they don’t run ads all the time.

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3. Create A List

A list of potential partners and their contact info will make it simple.

You can tell who you’ve contacted and who you need to follow up with.

You can usually find contact information at the bottom of websites or in an Instagram bio. If you can’t find it, you can send a dm to ask for the information.


4. Be Brave

This is where most people stop.

It’s scary to message someone out of the blue.

But here’s the thing: no one is going to make this happen for you.

You have to put yourself out there and ask.

Some people will tell you no. And some people will tell you yes.

Those are your people.

5. Make Your Pitch

Here’s the four-step pitch that our clients swear by:

Start with how you found them.

That could be an awesome instagram post or a friend who recommended them.

Tell them exactly why you love them.

Mention that their mission to empower women fits in so well with your degree in women’s studies or that you love how their hair products are formulated for curly hair like yours.

Explain why the audience will love the partnership.

How will they react to the content and why?

Will it be more authentic?

Will you have a fresh take on it?

Suggest a thoughtful partnership opportunity.

They don’t have to think up ideas themselves. All they have to do is say yes.

6. Follow Up

Try a two-week followup and quarterly follow-up.

You’ll refresh their memory on the idea and ask if they have any thoughts.



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Influencer Agreement Template

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