How to Keep Company Minutes

How to Keep Your Company's Minutes

If your company is a C Corporation, then you're likely required to hold an annual board meeting.

The records of what goes on during these meetings are called Minutes. The minutes are the legal record of your board meeting.


How to keep minutes

Once a quorum is present and the meeting is adjourned, your board Secretary will need to keep meeting minutes. This is not a personal assistant type of secretary, but the elected position Secretary held. by a board of directors member.

Meeting minutes are presumed to be accurate and can be used as evidence in court. Board members can be subject to legal liability for their words and actions. That means it's very important to take notes of board discussions accurately to reflect the nature of the conversation. It's also a good idea to keep information relatively vague to avoid legal complications and only use board member names when they offer a motion.

It's a good idea to have your company lawyer there as well. She'll make sure you follow all the legal requirements and help minimize board liability as much as possible.


What to include

Meeting date

Start time


Names of the board members present

The current agenda



Next Steps

Next meeting date and time

End time

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