How to Elevate Your Brand

How to Elevate Your Brand

Are you investing time and money into creating and growing a gorgeous brand?

Then there's one key step you need to do asap...

Trademark it!

Think about it: Starbucks invests millions into their branding and marketing. Their trademark prevents other coffee companies from copying the Starbucks brand and making money off their work. These other companies haven't put time or money into the Starbucks brand so they shouldn't be allowed to profit off it.

Without a trademark, that's exactly what will happen: competitors will become copycats to profit off your brand's reputation. And there's nothing you can do to stop it.

A trademark makes the time + money spent on branding and marketing worth it because you're the only one who can profit from your brand. Plus trademarking adds many other benefits to your brand.


What is a trademark?

A trademark is brand protections. It means you're the only one who can use your gorgeous branding within your product or service category.


What can you trademark?

There are a lot of different things you can trademark...

A company name...Starbucks

A logo...The Lulu Lemon logo

A color...Barbie pink

A shape...the iconic diet coke bottle

A slogan...Just Do It

A domain

A person's name...Dolly Parton

Signature product names...iPhone

A hashtag...#blessed


Bottom line

If you're building a brand, then a trademark is a smart investment. It guarantees that you're the only one who can use your work to make money.

You can how to trademark your brand in 3 easy steps.



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