Should You Trademark Your Name or Logo?

How to Decide on a Trademark

You can protect your company name, logo, tagline, personal name, and hashtag.

So which ones should you trademark?


Your company name is the most important thing you can protect. It's also the strongest trademark available.

We recommend trademarking the name, if it's available, first. Then, you can trademark your logo, tagline, and hashtag.


If it's an integral part of your branding, you may want to trademark your logo.

Keep in mind that the trademark only protects that exact logo. So if you're considering rebranding it in the future, you may want to wait to protect it.


You can also protect your tagline or marketing copy.

This is important to protect, but not as important as the name or logo.


The trademark office recently ruled that hashtags can be trademarked.

If you're building a community around a hashtag, you may want to protect it.

Nicole SwartzTrademark