Should You Trademark Your Name or Logo?

Should You Trademark Your Name or Logo

A trademark is the exclusive right to use your brand.

It’s so important to trademark your brand. Once your company starts doing well, you’ll see companies popping up with similar branding. They’ll try to confuse your customers and steal your sales. You need the trademark to stop them.

Plus, if someone else trademarks your brand, they’ll own the rights to the name. You’ll likely need to rebrand or file an expensive lawsuit.

So you want to trademark your brand asap.

You can trademark your company name, logo, tagline, or hashtag.

These are all separate applications, so you’ll pay additional fees for each one. For this reason, most people don’t trademark everything.

Here’s how to tell which ones to protect…

1. Protect Your Company Name

Your company name is the most important thing you can protect.

It's the strongest trademark. You’ll own the name in any font, color, and style. That means you can stop copycats using any variation of the name.

We almost always recommend trademarking the name.

2. Add the Logo

You can also trademark the logo.

This means that no one in your industry can have a similar design.

It’s most important to protect the logo when it has graphic elements or designs.

You’ll also want to consider how long you’ll be using the logo. If you’re keeping it for the next few years, then it’s worth protecting. If you’re redesigning it soon, you may want to wait.

3. Add the Tagline

You can also trademark your tagline.

This means that no one in your industry can use a similar phrase.

It’s important to protect, but probably not as important as the name or logo.

4. Add the Hashtag

You can also trademark your hashtag.

This means that no other company in your industry can use a similar hashtag.

If you're building a community with a hashtag, you may want to protect it.



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