Do You Need Online Membership Policies?

Do You Need Online Membership Policies?

Online memberships are a great business model

You’re helping your customers and your bottom line.

But thanks to some shady actors in the membership game, there are state regulations on memberships now.

Here’s a few things you need to do legally to protect your membership:

Have your Membership Policies on lock

Your customers must affirmatively agree to your Membership Policies before signing up for the program.

These membership policies should be clear about the length of the membership and that the customer will be charged continuously until they cancel. They should also be very clear about the cancellation policies and how to cancel the membership.

Send a confirmation receipt

An email should be sent automatically to new members with the terms of renewal, cancellation policies, and exactly how to cancel.

If you already have members, you should update your Membership Policies asap and send an email to your members notifying them of the change.

Your customers (and your legal team) will thank you for making the terms & conditions clear cut and explicit.

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