Do You Actually Need a DBA?

Do You Need a DBA?

News flash:

You may not need to file a DBA or a Doing Business As.

Here’s everything you need to know…


What a DBA is

A DBA, Doing Business As, license tells the public that you’re operating a business under a certain name. In California, it is called a Fictitious Business Name.


What a DBA isn't

A DBA is not a substitute for an LLC or a Corporation. It won’t provide you any tax benefits or limit your liability.

A DBA is not the same as a Trademark. It doesn’t protect other people from using the same name. The only way to lock down your business name is with a trademark.


When you need a DBA

There’s usually only two situations when you need a DBA.

Situation #1:

You don’t want to register for an LLC or Corporation


Your business name is different than your personal name

Situation #2:

You registered your business as an LLC or Corporation


Your brand name is different than your LLC name

How to Get a DBA

You’ll typically file with your county or state.

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