5 Things to Ask Before You Work with a Brand

5 Things to Ask Before You Work with a Brand

Influencers + Brands are like PB + J. They just go together.


But there are a few things that every influencer + brand need to have locked down when they partner together.

How do we know? It’s kind of our job! We help our clients create personalized brand partnership agreements that they can reuse for all of their deals. If you want a brand partnership agreement, let’s chat


In the meantime, here’s what your agreement needs to cover:


1. Project

Ok, obviously you want to spell out the posts + payment in as much detail as possible. But also include any project milestones. Does the brand need to sign off on the post or can the influencer create it? Does the influencer need to leave the post up for a certain amount of time or can they delete it after posting? And is it a post or a story? Spell. It. Out.


2. Ownership

Who is creating the content + who owns it? This matters for purposes of copyrighting, trademarking, and reposting the content. You want to make sure this is very clear because intellectual property rights are very valuable.


3.  Morality

This gives the brand or influencer the right to terminate the partnership if the other party is acting in a way that hurts their image (like partying, offensive comments, committing a crime.) Know what it says so you can act accordingly + make sure that it applies to the other party as well. Without this clause, you can’t get out of your partnership early. This is so important because you don't want to be stuck promoting a brand that’s fallen out of public favor or being promoted by an influencer who's on a downward spiral. Think about how badly that hurts your image!


4. Disclosure

You probably already know there are FTC rules about how you disclose the partnership. You + the brand can both be liable for disclosing incorrectly, so lock down exactly what your disclosure will say ahead of time to avoid the drama.


5. Troubleshoot

In social media world, it’s key to keep things discreet. One bad word from a popular influencer or brand and you could suffer the wrath of negative comments, loss of followers, and decrease in audience trust. Make sure that both parties are required to keep quiet about partnership details and disagreements. You can also require that parties handle problems by mediation to keep it out of the news.





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