3 Marketing Techniques Backed by Science

3 Marketing Techniques Backed by Science


Now that customers are becoming increasingly selective about which companies to be loyal to, marketing plays a more pivotal role than ever in shaping the brand’s image. Of course, when it comes to catching up on the best marketing practices, we have to turn to Harvard Business Review. Our favorite researchers at HBR highlighted a series of consumer marketing experiments, and here are 3 effective marketing techniques you can implement:

1. Set Up Search Ads

One experiment showed that Google and Facebook Ads based on search terms work best when the ads are “highly relevant” (think niche) to whatever the customer is searching for. For example, if a customer is looking to buy customized phone cases, your ad will have a higher chance of appearing if your ad’s landing page offers services to design your own phone case.

Google and Facebook Ads also work well when they alert customers to something they’re not aware of. This can include building awareness of a new company or promoting a new product from a well-known company.

2. Diminish Price Sensitivity

Another experiment found that consumers who were offered a deal that expired within a certain time frame were more likely to purchase than consumers who were shown the deal price as the standard price. They were drawn in by the potential for larger savings.

This probably explains why Black Friday and Cyber Monday are such huge sales phenomenon!

3. Induce Nostalgia

Ever wonder why 90s’ chokers and jelly slides suddenly started popping up everywhere? Turns out that we’re suckers for the “good ol’ days,” and companies are cashing in on our fondness for the past. Companies that use nostalgia in their marketing had customers who were willing to wait longer for website loading, underestimate customer service time, and enjoy the product or service more.

These 3 marketing techniques will come in handy when you’re crafting your company’s brand and online presence. So slip on your old flared jeans, push out those search ads, and peek at your sales calendar when figuring out when/how to market to your target demographic.




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