3 Times You Need an Influencer Agreement

3 Times You Need an Influencer Agreement

It’s always an exciting day when a brand or influencer thinks you’re cool enough to partner up with.

Brand partnerships are valuable because they introduce you to new audiences and provide more resources for creative collaborations.

Whether you’re an influencer or a brand, there are a couple times when you definitely want an Influencer Agreement

1.  You’re partnering on an event.

You’re creating an Insta-worthy evening with products, food, and networking opportunities.

Hold up. Before you start planning the event or planning to attend, you’ll want to figure out what you’re contributing and what you’ll receive in return.

2.  You’re planning on a post.

Spell out the brand partnership in as much detail as possible, including whether there are any project milestones or post requirements.

Does someone need to sign off on the post? 

Can the post be deleted?

Where is the post living? (stories, the feed, etc)

Spell. It. Out.

3.  Someone is creating content.

First, it’s important to figure out who is creating the content and who owns it?

This matters for purposes of copyrighting and reposting. Make this very clear because intellectual property rights are incredibly valuable.


Download The Influencer Agreement

Influencer Contract Template

Influencer Agreement Template

How it Protects Your Business:

Your promotion is exactly what you want.

You can end the agreement anytime.

You own the content created